Price & Flowers, an Alabama DUI Law Firm, has over
90 professional years of DUI defense experience.

Price & Flowers Law Firm is one of the most experienced DUI defense law firms in the State of Alabama. Our DUI defense team offers unrivaled experience and competency to defend you against your DUI charge and to protect your reputation and career. Our DUI defense attorneys are recognized as leaders in the law of DUI defense and actively teach other lawyers around the country how to defend DUI cases.

Phillip B. Price, Sr. has lectured in over 25 states at various DUI legal programs. Our attorneys have even been asked by law enforcement agencies to teach their police officers how to better perform their jobs.

Phillip B. Price, Sr. is a former Dean of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), and he is the only attorney in North Alabama who is Board Certified as a Specialist in DUI Defense.

Two of our attorneys are former prosecutors knows how prosecutors think, process and prepare DUI cases.

One of our attorneys is a former editor for the American Journal of Trial Advocacy, a publication focusing on trial techniques and strategies.


Meet our DUI Defense specialists...

Phillip B. Price, Sr.
George Flowers
Charles Younger

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