According to Alabama DUI defense attorney Phil Price, throughout 2016, he and his law partners have continued to see many people seeking to clean up their Alabama criminal record through Alabama’s expungement law. His firm has been able to get expungements for many of these people, often quite quickly and for much less than what they thought it would cost.

Prior to a couple years ago, Alabama did not have a true expungement law. Old arrests and charges remained on a person’s record forever. That has now changed. Now most criminal charges are eligible for an expungement proceeding, provided the charge was dismissed, nolle prossed, or the person was acquitted.

Having a record of an arrest or criminal charge can make it more difficult to find a good job and can prove an embarrassment, even where the charge is ultimately resolved in your favor. Having that old arrest and charge expunged from your record can help. However, getting a charge expunged is not guaranteed. The district attorney and any “victim” can object to the court granting the charge, and the judge ultimately makes the decision whether or not to grant an expungement. Having a attorney who knows the law to help you each step of the process can help maximize your change of success.

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