Alabama Courts we appear in for cases:

map alaOur attorneys are licensed to practice law in every state and municipal (“city”) court in Alabama. We also handle federal DUI cases. We have helped clients throughout Alabama win their DUI cases, and we would be happy discuss your case with you.

In Alabama we have a two level trial court system. The first trial court is called the “district” court and the second trial court is called the “circuit” court. Cities and towns can also have courts, which are called “municipal” courts.

The vast majority DUI cases usually begin in either a municipal or district court. Only where a person is charged with a felony DUI (fourth or higher offense within five (5) years) does the case go straight to circuit court. At municipal courts and district courts your trial is handled entirely by a judge; there is no jury. If you are found guilty in a municipal or district court, you can appeal your case to the circuit court where you can get a jury trial.

If you are arrested for a DUI that is alleged to have occurred on federal land, such as a military base or national park, your case will be handled in federal court instead of an Alabama state court. If the alleged offense is alleged to have occurred on Redstone Arsenal, the federal court will apply Alabama’s DUI law to your case.

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