DUI defense is more complex and specialized than almost any other field of criminal defense law. In addition to complex legal issues, DUI defense involves complex principles of science, medicine and physiology, including:  

  • How the human body absorbs and eliminates alcohol and other substances
  • The physiological affects of alcohol and other substances on the brain, coordination and motor skills
  • Factors that may affect performance on field sobriety tests
  • The scientific and medical principles behind breath and blood tests

To maximize the change of winning your Alabama DUI case you need a law firm with extensive experience in drunk druving defense. Price Law Firm PC has represented thousands of citizens accused of DUI and has an extensive library of DUI reference material, including books, scholarly and scientific articles, and an extensive collection of DUI cases from across the country.  This library has been assembled over the course of Mr. Price’s more than 30 years of legal practice in DUI defense.

Some of these resources are accessible from this website for your review in the privacy of your home. For additional reference information, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our wealth of accumulated knowledge on DUI defense is available for you when you need it most.



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